Warzone firefight advanced - Just an idea

So i was thinking about a new warzone type because i had this one moment in wz where the whole squad was fighting side by side. No vehicles. My idea:

  • two squads of 8 players (16 total xD)
  • a map like streets of Mombasa in odst (or any other City or map), tight and straight forward
  • the map is seperated in two parts (each squad on one side)
  • now you have to fight you through this map with a couple of objectives and smaller bosses.
  • vehicles Can be used but maybe Just 2-3 for each squad
  • you have to work as a Team to make it through this map
  • now that you have mastered your side of the map you must hope that the other squad have done it too
  • finally, with both squads at the final Checkpoint you can fight the final Boss. With All vehicles (Your choice)
  • it would be more fun or challenging if the first squad to reach the last Checkpoint gets some reward or something. So its even pvp in some way.

What do you think? Would you play it? Side by side with your squad.
(Sry for My English and the caps btw^^)

Sounds interesting.
Of course I would try it, wouldn’t know if it was any good if I didn’t.

Would love to see how it plays out.

So no one has access to the final boss unless both sides are cleared? If that’s the case, sounds interesting. Puts a nice twist on relying on your teammates.

Yeah. Thats the point. :slight_smile:

I’m down for something like this!

Sounds like it could be a good idea for a Warzone.

I like it.

Jaja, no legendary weapons…
is a challenge…