Warzone FF: Faction difficulty are too far apart

After playing Warzone firefight I’ve come to notice one major problem with the mode:

The covenant are too easy & the Prometheans are stupidly difficult.

It seems to me like both factions do not grow in strength evenly and so it feels like Warzone firefight victories are mostly based of being lucky & getting Covenant for the final rounds.

-Increase the HP & unit count of covenant forces by around 25%

-Decrease the Prometheans HP & unit count by around 35% to come align with the buffed covenant.

Other recommendation:

-Make the maximum respawn time 15 seconds to ensure players have time to complete matches,

on average I’m seeing almost 3 minutes of game time wasted on spawning if you want to keep up with kills & benefiting the team, sitting back with a BR stops you from dying but you simply don’t benefit the team very much in the long run.

TL;DR: Balance the faction difficulties & respawn timers to ensure full teams of randoms have a chance to finish but still offer a great challenge.

Yeah, the Covenant seem easier compared to the Prometheans. The only thing the Covenant has over them are vehicles. Getting destroyed by a Phantom or a squad of Ghosts can be annoying, but not nearly as annoying as hordes of Soldiers and Knights. Thats just my opinion, though.