Warzone extension?

Not sure if its been said before, but i feel as if Warzone could do with… like… another 5 rounds.

By the time you hit req lvl 9, your on the last round and dont have too much time to play with shiny death machines…

anyone else feel like this?

although its unlikely at this point in the game, I agree. I play more WZ assault than standard and it seems like the average game ends around 6 or 7 req level. And that’s if my reqs are filled up so I can use one. But even so, its only for a minute or two before the game is over. Assault would benefit from even 1 more capture point. However, that would require map remodeling. I don’t see 343 editing that at this point. But it could be implemented into H6, in my opinion. I agree with your OP for sure.

There’s a req level 9? I thought it stopped at 5.