Warzone enemy ideas: flood

Warzone and WZFF are the most chaotic and exciting part of Halo 5, but something is missing. Since it is part of a simulation as “humanity’s last hope”, why is there no flood? I’m fact, in canon the flood is the most threatening thing in existence. Even without flood in campaign, spartan IIs should run simulated flood infestations on a LARGE SCALE and without it in warsone, they would be no where near ready for a full scale invasion. Plus, I love playing against the flood and maybe even a Warzone invasion game type could be made of you want to keep them out of normal rounds. Just an idea I wanted to express to 343. Thanks for reading to this point, you win a crisp -Yoink!- for making it this far.

I have to agree, a Flood based WZFF or WZ would be intense and really fun. Been kinda getting bored with the normal variants. However, I think they long since stopped adding anything new to Halo 5 so they can put most of their efforts into working on the next game.

Yeah, there’s no chance of them adding anything like that to Halo 5 at this point. 343 is pretty focused on Infinite now, as they should be.

Hopefully for infinite something gets added like this and also seeing as the insurrection is making a comeback in the books etc we could get a marines riding mongoose round

we need more maps for Warzone. And I like the flood idea.

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> Hopefully for infinite something gets added like this and also seeing as the insurrection is making a comeback in the books etc we could get a marines riding mongoose round

Oh man. An insurrection enemy type would be awesome wearing colonial body armor from the campaign and using Corp or UNSC type weapons and vehicles would be really cool.

Flood in WZFF would be sweet

This is a great idea,I mean they had it set up for war games in halo 4 even though it was infection,it was still cool to see how they estimated how infected spartan 4s would look like and handle the situation

I also suggested this idea, but it was for Infinite. I don’t see that ever happening for H5

I like the idea for a halo infinite warzone as it’s doubtful anything significant will be coming for halo 5, and rightfully so given the undertaking of building a new engine and game from ground up.

Id be down. Sounds chaotic as hell

Flood horde survival mode where they run at you endlessly on a dark creepy map like 343 guilty spark mission on HCE and your best friend is flamethrower and CE shotgun and the flood should be made like the ones from Halo Wars 2 Awakening the Nightmare. 343 please do this and you’ll be my favorite forever and ever I’ll even break my disk of destiny for you please :sob:

i think we should all realize by now that it wont happen unfortunately. a flood mode would be cool on its own and it would be perfect for firefight especially the reach version of firefight. this is highly requested and 343 seems to be listening to us on the things we want and doing what they can so fingers crossed we get this in halo 6

I can not imagine using tanks to kill an Abomination just to have the enemy team kill it. Those things in Halo Wars 2 were a nightmare to kill.

oh god, no flood…those things scarred me for life in Combat Evolved lol

It would be awesome to fight the Flood again. Perhaps there’s a chance in Halo Infinite? I thought Halo 3 ODST would have been even better if you were able to fight the Flood in Firefight. The same goes for Halo Reach (and Reach didn’t have you fight Drones in Firefight.)

Yeah Flood would be interesting cause they are a complete different type of enemy.