Warzone enemy AI and "teammates"

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Ok, I’m starting to lose it with 2 things on Warzone.

  1. Marines, Elites, Soldiers, Crawlers, and whatever, are some big -Yoink- bull–Yoink-. The AI in Warzone is broken, but I’m not going into that. I’m going into the fact that these enemies are at Legendary difficulty, plus Mythic. They never seem to miss, and they deal a hell of a ton more damage than you ever will (unless you have a Nornfang). They need to be redone where they don’t do bull–Yoink- amounts of damage, but they do work together better, because currently the AI aren’t very intelligent, yet they’re like a retard running around with the death of all humanity in hand.
  2. “Teammates.” I’m getting sick of joining games where if we start to lose a bit, our team gives up, and 3 players leave. With the amount of times I’ve seen quitters on my team in other gamemodes but ESPECIALLY Warzone, I wonder if there’s a ban system in place. There seems to be no penalties for these people, because their everywhere in Warzone and they really annoy the -Yoink- out of me.
    Also, Warzone needs a “behind the scenes” team balancer based on player skill. Most Warzone games have one team beat the other by a total landslide, and it’s really annoying when this happens. The team that wins has a fun game, the other gets loss shoved down their throat and mostly quits mid game.
    I’m also looking for other’s opinion on the matter, so type below if you want to.