Warzone Elite is Calling (14)

14 open roster spots as of 2/15/16

  • Actively recruiting Warzone and Arena players.*


Social but competitive Company. We specialize in team tactics for victory. One strategy, one voice. We are active across all time zones, world wide. We specialize in Warzone but have fireteams active in all game modes. Like a lot of companies we are working towards the Infinity Armor/Helmet Set. We only have limited space left in our Company for active players. Our company leaders actively track play and communication and are very quick to respond to any issues a Company member may have. Our East Company focuses on big parties and decisive Warzone victories. West Company are our late night grinders, Arena parties are very active from 12am-4am PST. We review all pending Company requests. It is best to friend members, join kik app group, play a couple games, then request into company…in that order. I know this all sounds like we’re a bunch of tryhards but we’re not. Just a group of gamers looking to play with others who understand the concept of pulling your weight. Like communication, like a mature approach, like to enjoy your gaming time, like the team feel, like to WIN!!! WARZONE ELITE IS HERE FOR YOU !!!

  • Requirements* (Subject to change based on membership levels and needs)

LINE Messaging app, group “Warzone Elite”
SR > 50
Positive W/L
Must add gt “Kush Cloner” or gt “a rod anderson” to friends list

  • Minimum 25 games per week, any mode ok, +W/L*
  • We play across all time zones. Party tactics encouraged. Mature approach.*
  • We communicate through the LINE app. It is essential to Fireteam creation and Company updates.*
  • Currently recruiting to fill inactive players from pre-season/launch. Contact Company through Waypoint or kik.*

Company Founder - Kush Cloner
East Captain - a rod anderson
West Captain - Kush Cloner
Joker - pod6jerk
Gamer Girls - DA beckii, Gamer Kitty 420

solid group of guys… you should come join us if youre looking for a crew! Warzone Elite