Warzone disconnects

When is this gonna be fixed? I’m so tired of playing 15 minutes into a game just to be disconnected. It doesn’t happen every game, but guaranteed I can’t play 5 straight games without it happening. It would be one thing if you still got the RP and XP, but it is so infuriating to know all that game time went to complete waste.
Me-“Oh would you look at that, I have an ultra rare RP boost, I’m gonna use it this game”
343- “Nope, f**k you, all your boosts are belong to me. And you can’t have it back after you’re disconnected! Maybe you’ll unlock another one after opening 20 more gold packs. We’re gonna take it again, but oh well”.
For gods sake, if your game can’t handle 24 players, how about not including It in the game?

Oh, would you look at that. My first game back and I disconnect again, resulting this time in 18 wasted minutes and another RP boost being taken away. You guys are a joke, you seriously need to give some free req packs out since you’re so quick to take them away from people who earned them. I really feel sorry for those who spend money on these req packs so your joke of a game can just take them away.