Warzone disconnects/rejoining

My internet isnt always reliable and cuts out randomly so i find it completely unnacceptable that i cant rejoin a warzone match that i was in specially because matches can last 20+ minutes, today i was in a match almost about to destroy the core and i got disconnected so you can imagine how angry i was it makes me not want to play completely.
Now i know you can say its my problem since its my connection but i wouldnt of mind if warzone matches werent so long and to get disconnected towards the middle/end of the match is really annoying so a rejoining option needs to be added or say i get disconnected and re-enter warzone playlist it should auto reconnect me to my match.

May I asked a few questions?

  1. Are you on Wifi?
  2. Have gone into your router and set some QoS policies to help with the priority of the packets coming from your Xbox?
  3. Have you contacted your ISP to see if there is a reason for service interruption to your outbound connectivity?