WARZONE - Dedicated/Hardcore Players

Hi Guys!

GOAL of this request:

  • Start running Warzone Games with other Badass Halowaypoint members! (We can also run other game types, but WARZONE is the main focus) - Looking to add like minded players who go for commendations, do call outs, get positional, have POSITIVE KD’s, know tactics and strats, and WIN GAMES! - Looking to have fun and avoid weak teams where random’s typically live. - Looking to play consistently with 12 players in the evenings, and on Weekends! Requirement:
    Must have a MIC - Must use your MIC!

My Schedule:
Weeknights: 7PM-11PM
Weekends: Throughout the day!


Add me, ive added you

I am, like you, wanting to create a hardcore group of people to play warzone with. I am creating a clan that would like to organize a 12-man team, based on communication and tactical strategy. if you are interested reply and I will invite you. Hope to see you amongst our ranks spartan.

Ill add both of you guys.
(Im already in a Spartan company)