Warzone Cheats

I’ve played quite a few games where people glitch into the walls of armory bases in warzone using a warthog. the base becomes uncapturable and this becomes unfair especially in assault where either you don’t earn your victory or have no chance in one depending on the team you’re on.

Use the hammer or any weapon with splash damage and shoot the areas they are staying in. Or have your team slay back the enemy team and then enter the glitch while ground pounding. easy.

Yeah, this is annoying. Be good if they could fix it. You could also Watch the replay of it, and report them for cheating. 343 should be able to check the reports/replays to see if they actually were and might ban them?

if you’re with a team try to get everyone to report the guy who does it, they will get banned pretty quick.

Yeah, please 343 fix this issue already. It can’t be that hard. Also, Warzone Assault on Summit is broken, the red team can spawn vehicles on the fortress and prevent the blue team from capturing it. It gets so ridiculous sometimes with lots of scout warthogs driving around the fortress. Make the red team vehicles spawn at their base, not the fortress.

I hate to tell you guys but this has been going on since December and 343 hasn’t even acknowledged it as a problem. I think it’s safe to say that 343 design it this way.