warzone bundle purchased, worked at first now not?

hey people

first post to the forums here. big fan of the halo universe (switched to the Xbox one console because of halo). I just purchased the warzone req bundle and got the first two packs fine. I opened the packs, switched up my armor and all was good. shut the game off and logged back in later and now my armor switched back to the recruit set, my emblem as well as color schemes changed (these changes I did not make) and now it’s saying that none of my content is available because of privacy settings (I didn’t change any security settings) any ideas?

Hey endlesswinter91.

Xbox Live was having issues earlier today, resulting in profile sync errors to run rampant.

Are you able to change your armour, emblem, etc back yet? Looking at your profile, you are current SR-8 and wearing a custom emblem and armour.

Let me know!

thanks for the reply back Little Moa,

I tried it out again a couple of hours later and all was well. after I bought that bundle online and then having that happen after I entered all of my personal info I kinda had what I call “a moment” and lost my cool a bit not my finest moment I admit lol. the first two packs I opened in the bundle were so far worth the money, got some nice looking armor sets and a helmet with it so far

Great to hear!