Warzone bug

In Warzone (any map) I will be spawned into the middle of an existing game. (As an aside spawning into an existing game may not be a bug but I don’t like it. I understand that there are penalties for excessively leaving games so I would like to think that this is accounted for in terms of someone being penalized - so don’t penalize other players. Its not unusual for me to finish games with less than 12 players so this doesn’t always happen apparently. Since I typically spawn onto a team already losing it makes it all the more bothersome.) Regardless, about 10-15% of the time that I spawn into these existing games I cannot upgrade my initial load out weapons OR get a power weapon. So I get stuck with a pistol and assault rifle for the whole match and get my -Yoink- handed to me as the rest of the players get more advanced weapons. It SUCKS! This also happened to me for the first time on a game that I started normally. The only thing I did out of the normal was to grab a Suppressor in the first armory after clearing the home base. I hardly ever do this but after that the Suppressor wouldn’t reload and then the same BS happened where I couldn’t upgrade from my initial load out weapons as the game progressed.

Woah, literally the same thing happened to me when I grabbed a suppressor; I also don’t usually do this/haven’t done it since. Exact same result for me.

It’s the crappy servers, happens to my buddy and I a lot. I’ve even played a bunch of rounds where everyone was stuck with starting loadouts from the get go ( both teams) for the entire match and I’ll tell you what those were some long boring matches without loadouts, vehicles, or power weapons!