Warzone bug!

Hey guys
So I love Halo 5 right. The campaign was good but the mp has got me hooked really good. The last two nights though Ive run into the most annoying bug where halfway through a normal warzone match ill randomly be out of the match and in the warzone player search screen but without the player search activity. I’ll literally be stuck there until I reboot the game. It doesnt do it all the time but it happens maybe every second game and its such a pain because it happens well into the match and obviously I dont get any req or xp reward yet the game still takes whatever boost I equipped for the match. Im hoping that this isnt an isolated issue and that the infinity armour update will include a fix for it but yeah, frustrating as hell! Anyone else having this problem?

Every game I’ve played the past 20M has booted me out towards the middle of the game. Don’t want to play Arena because idk if I’ll be thrown out of the game. I’ve no idea if it’s counting as quits either. What’s going on?

It may be the servers. I played until 8pm est with no issues.