Warzone Bosses

I was just browsing my Warzone stats and I’ve noticed that I am not getting credit for killing bosses. I’m fairly sure that I get credit for it in game (I’m starting to think I might not be though), but for whatever reason it doesn’t show on this website, It’s not really a huge issue, but I was curious if any has noticed that too.

try restarting your computer, or xbox router.

Mine seems to be spot on. Could be a momentary glitch.

Maybe I’m getting credit for assisting in the take down of these bosses, but not actually getting the final kill shot in. I don’t know there are at least two occasions where I swear I killed Commander Lokogos (sp?) and it says I haven’t killed him. Same with the Elite Prime on Noctus. In the grand scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal, but I was still curious if anyone else has noticed it.

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> Commander Lokogos (sp?)