Warzone Bosses Need a Rework

I am so tired of losing matches because of the enemy team pulling a last shot off on a boss my team has whittled to nothing, it is getting really ridiculous at this point. I don’t know who decided that only the last shot counts, but it was a terrible decision and this type of thing should have been foreseen. I love Warzone, and I love Halo 5, but this one thing is really dampening my experience.

I have seen this suggested multiple times, why not just have a percentage of the points earned from the kill earned based on the damage done by each team. I know it is possible, given everything from shots fired to shots hit can be tracked with the API; this is one thing that needs a desperate rework. There is nothing worse than winning a match, Warden Eternal spawning; and the enemy team sweeping up his last shot after you have worked him down to that point.