Warzone bosses kill steals

Ok, so pretty much everyone has experienced a warzone match in which your team is draining the legendary boss’ health down to about 10% only for a guy on the other team to get the final kill with a spartan laser while camping on his base, it is extremely frustrating because you wasted your REQ you called in to kill the boss, only for some random joe to kill him with no effort or skill.

Now i am aware that 343 has stated they won’t change the boss kill system to something like points based on damage dealt because of “Situational awareness” which i think doesn’t work because you can’t possibly control an entire team of 12 people while also focusing on the boss and guarding the bases.

I understand that bosses are a way to turn the tides on a match, but if your team is losing, the very least thing you could do is WORK for the victory, not just camp in a corner.

Anyways, what i’m asking is for 343 to keep the indicator but REMOVE the boss’ health bar so that you really have to throw everything you have into killing it, as oppose to just waiting for his health to be low and then kill him, there will still be some physical damage visible for sure, but at least that will reduce the amount of boss steals.

Good Idea. I’d like to see that implemented. If 343i allows it. Warzone boss kill steals are the worse.