Warzone Bosses - FIX THEM!

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Warzone bosses are so stupid right now… First off, last shot gets it?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!? 343 says whoever got the last shot “earned it” too! No, they didn’t. I just went a whole warzone game and I attacked EVERY BOSS and only got points on one of them even though I helped significantly lower the health on plenty of others… On March on Stormbreak (btw the worst map ever besides some of the slayer maps) the Knight Luminary came up and it was pretty much me vs the whole other team to get him. I blew up both his orbs and then cancelled an assassination on him and lit him up with my assault rifle then he died, I got no points and it said the other team got him… My question is… HOW THE -Yoink- IS THIS OKAY 343? I’m serious, its retarded… its the definition of -Yoink!-. Yes, I am salty, go ahead, whatever. I did fantastic this game but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to speak about this injustice. Even when I didn’t get the final kill or others got more damage on an enemy than me, I should still get some points for doing a decent amount of damage. I mean sometimes I get the kill when I don’t think I deserve it anyways. Also, is there anyway to make an enemy invincible to other friendly players when you’re assassinating him, because teammates stealing assassinations is beyond douchy, thank God I was able to assassinate a knight that had enough health so my teammates didn’t get the kill. Anyways, thats my rant, fix this stupid issue 343.

Wait are you saying that after burning almost all your ammo on a boss while dodging his shots and other players you aren’t satified to lossing that kill to an opponent that stumbles up and put one smg round in him for the final shot? that person really earnEd that kill…

ok i see that you are angry but look at it this way. Warzone is a new gamemode Halo has never had Warzone before. so this is a learning experience for 343. i bet they are fixing all of the things that are wrong with it right now. so sit tight and let 343 do there thing

for me is this the same with killing other teams spartans.
if you shot on him and a other from your team shot 1 time on him and he gets the kill point and you not is that then also broken?

With a Spartan kill you get recognition with an assist. When the other team steals your boss you get nothing. Also there are a dozen opposing Spartans constantly spawning giving you plenty of chances at a kill, where as you only get maybe half a dozen bosses the entire game. Third, the boss kills give way more points toward your game stats than Spartan kills.

As far as the last shot goes… Just be careful, and watch out for the other team around the boss.

Sometimes you can’t help it. Today I shot the Warden with a tank 9 times and a friendly take drew his fire, while the shell was reloading an enemy banshee swooped in from the top out of nowhere, bombed him, and WON THE WHOLE GAME. We would’ve tied the other team and we were gaining more points from bases so we would’ve won that game along with me getting another Warden kill. I’ve killed countless Wardens but I’m level 2 0/3 for the commendation because it never gives me points, it makes me want to get 12 people I know to make a fireteam, coordinate, and then literally give me the Warden kill.

Warzone Bosses - Not Broken!

Kill stealing has been a feature of Halo since DAY ONE. If you want to start hunting around this game looking for things that “aren’t fair” then you’ve got a pretty big job ahead of you.

stealing a simple Spartan kill is one thing, but winning an entire half hour game of warzone due to one smg round in warden eternal after I just pounded him 6 times with a scorpion is straight bull.

There isn’t much you can do. Kill stealing is gonna happen