Warzone boss kills go to person who shoots it last

Hey guys I have a question, so far in Warzone it seems that boss kills go to the person who shoots it last. Is that actually what the rule is concerning them? It seems to be that way every time one dies. My entire team sometimes weakens a boss to 1 hp and then the other team gets the kill by attacking at the last second. Also, it seems that the last person to shoot and get the kill is the only one awarded. That seems pretty unfair, because it usually takes multiple teammates and teamwork to down some of the harder bosses. What do you guys think? That’s a pretty poor system design if that’s how it actually was implemented… other than that, Warzone is absolutely amazing

I can’t disagree. I don’t even care if the kill goes to the enemy or to a team mate. I hate the fact that I can drain every gun I have and then somebody else, anybody else, can swoop in and get the credit for all my hard work. This is why I would never waste bullets on vehicles in Halo 4, and why I’ve pretty much already stopped trying to kill AI in warzone. It’s the way of all objective games: use up the individual for a team goal, then reward an individual instead of the team, and probably the wrong individual to boot. It’s a waste of time, especially because it causes a complete disconnect between hard work on the one hand and victory on the other.

I can’t think of a better system.

The system is most unfair when both bases/fortresses have line of sight on the boss. Teams should have to duke it out for the kill.

I can agree with what you’re both saying. I think it would only be fair to give teammates who participate in the killing of the AI boss (maybe enough dmg) to get an assist worth a solid amount of points. I do like having to fight for the kill, but I think that someone who does a sufficient amount of work should be rewarded in some way.

Honestly, it should go by most damage, and not by killing blow.

They need to change this. The game should promote a joint effort.

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> Honestly, it should go by most damage, and not by killing blow.

more like when your doing damage to the boss, it earns you the points. more damage means more points you earn