Warzone Assault

Sooo I had never touched war zone assault because I had heard a lot if bad things. I decided to finally try and boy was everyone right. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game mode so bad as war zone assault. War zone Assault is probably the one gametype I’ve seen the most complaints about. How do you think it can be fixed?

I dont play warzone at all, i think they should have just gave us 12v12 slayer or 24 man ffa… or other gametypes with similar player count on larger maps

warzone is a joke, period. and the req packs focusing so heavily on warzone just adds to my distaste for it.

I’m a competitive player from the Halo 1 and Halo 2 era. Haven’t played a Halo since the first week of Halo 3, and have never been a huge fan of these types of gametypes/games… However, I have to say, I am thoroughly enjoying Warzone assault. It is definitely not balanced, and you are asking for trouble entering it without a fireteam of at least 6… but it’s fun with a group of friends.

I think they should do a back and forth with it though. Attacking for one round, then defending, someone said ‘Invasion’ of the Beta was like that? Maybe Halo 4, dunno, but it would definitely make it more balanced.