Warzone Assault

So Warzone Assault is a gametype that I play very often as it gives plenty of req points in a shorter period of time and plus it’s fun…well most of the time. There is one major problem that I have with the game and I’ll give a scenario to show it. You are playing Warzone Assault and your team is kicking -Yoink-. Just kills all around and you are about 3/4 of the way through capturing the garage. Then all of a sudden the cap stops, you go to kill the people who entered when you realize that its a scout warthog. Well that’s a bit annoying. Your team goes after it and it takes a while because you know, its a warthog. Well you finally destroy it and then you realize there are at least another 3 scout warthogs, a regular warthog, 4 mongooses, and 3 ghosts. Because all of them are just driving around inside your team just lost despite being far better than them. This happens nearly every game that I play where our team or the enemy team spams low req vehicles to be a nuisance. The same thing happens when defenders hide in the base and you have to find them in order to cap. The best way around this I feel is to make it to where the attackers can cap if they have more people in the base than the enemy team. It helps against early vehicle spamming, hide and seek, and defenders throwing their bodies into the base to stop the attackers.