Warzone Assault Summit, spawn trapping.

Attackers need another route in Warzone Assault Summit on the first set.

Pretty much if the attackers dont push up fast enough in the first 30 seconds or so they get spawn trapped since there is really only one way and that is up the first ramp since using the cannon man becomes suicide as the defenders can pick you off before you hit the ground.

If the attackers lose ground on the initial push it is next to impossible for them to recover since the defenders have the high ground and a clear line of fire on the attackers as soon as they spawn. Attackers are forced up a single ramp that allows defenders to fire from the left, right and top of the ramp but the attackers are funneled into one small area making them easy targets. Since req is based on objectives the attackers are not able to level up to get better weapons to counter act and usually get stuck with the basic weapons while the defenders are able to get better weapons furthering the total slaughter in this situation.