Warzone Assault Spawns

On march on storm break I was spawned into the three concrete pipes near Armory after the Fortress. Now normally, I’d say… Well, I’ll just kill myself. Not harm done! Well no, I was trapped in there the entire game. Those pipes inside are solid, you can shoot down the center at people, even smack them as they pass, otherwise you’re doomed! The spawns need to be fixed. When I spawn off another player, why must it be inside an object? I might get a video later, all I can say is, I was taunted by many a blue team…

I think some of the Warzone spawns for both modes need looking into. There are still people experiencing spawning in rocks or in other structures. My only experience was on Stormbreak where I spawned and immediately slid off the map and died.

The normal Spawning is rather annoying when your defending. Why spawn us a decent distance away when we respawn? Or why spawn us at the next objective when we haven’t even lost the first one yet? I understand it’s so if you’re attacking you just don’t have people flooding back into the base but spawning a little closer would be nice.