Warzone assault armory glitch (343 please fix)

Ok so people found a way to glitch into the walls of the armory in Warzone Assault. This prevents the enemy team from capturing the base and makes it impossible for them to win. The video im posting shows what was done. Im bringing this to light so that 343 can fix it.

<mark>Link Removed by Monitor</mark>

Thanks Metroid!

No problem mate! I just had this happen to me. I don’t understand what’s so fun about standing in one spot for 6 minutes plus.

It’s a known issue and a fix is in the works. Remove the video, the last thing we need is more people seeing how to do it.

  1. Not all links need to be lazy linked. If it’s something showing off an exploit, don’t make it easy to find. Common sense.

  2. OP, they know.