Warzone Armor Mods Bugged

Anyone else been having issues since the Ghosts of Meridian update? I know that was already a few weeks ago (and 343i may already be aware), but in most Warzone matches, the armor mods act broken.

For example, in some matches, they don’t work at all (Auto Medic never works for me). In other matches, it only works in some areas (such as Upgraded Thrusters only granting faster thruster cool down, but no ability to sprint and recharge shields). Then in some cases, only the first armor mod you equip will work, but stop if you try to switch to another one.

I really hope I am not the only one experiencing this.

Yea there have been a few threads about the issues introduced by the latest update, Ghosts of Meridian. The only way to get around the glitch is to: (1st) Equip your Armor Mod, (2nd) Switch/edit your loadout (doesn’t matter how, just change something), (3rd) Spawn… Hopefully that helps you until 343 patches the glitch.

Yeah, it’s been particularly bad in Warzone Assault.

Thrusters for me. Recharging while sprinting is buggy. I like to think it’s an in-game malfunction for my armour.