Warzone/Arena XP/RP Bonus Card Usage?

When I go into my Requisition Cards Collection from my main menu, I see that I have XP boost cards that say something along the lines, “Finish a Warzone game and claim the reward.” It’s something to that affect, but my question is: How/where do you use those cards? I never see them as an option when in the match to use them regardless how high my REQ level gets in the match. Same thing with the “Loadout” section where I have more than one AR with flavor text that says it may have a different sight or something, but nothing can be selected. Is my game bugging out on me or whats up?

During the lobby loading screen for warzone, there are two buttons on screen I think it is “Y” for Requistions and “A” for Boosts. You have to select it there before the match starts.

Thats true. Easy as that. Love the system behind this!

Good grief… Thanks guys.

-FNG out.

It does not work for me. I have no option to use them, only to sell. Someone please help!