Warzone Announcer ideas

As a great many of you Class IV Spartans should know. Warzone is controlled with both AI and Spartan combat on field. I figure a great many of you havent agreed much with Commander Sarah Palmers ideas in the past (Halo 4) and dont like her or her way of handling things. I have seen a few postings about different Voices acting out in the Warzone simulations, and wanted to get a bit of input on the topic. I know this would be better suited as a poll tread, but i want voiced opinions to be shown here to give a bit more incite on who and why that specific character should be the overseer of Warzone activities. Lets take a standard map like Battle of Noctus and run through each call out for your character of choice. Reach had voice skin overs for Noble 6 during Firefight modes, so this should be a simple walk in the part with 343i IF they were to take ideas like this into consideration.

P.S. I know the name is a bit…odd, but take the post seriously. if you have comments, just send them via XBL thanks.