Warzone and the future of BTB

The Warzone mode from Halo 5: Guardians is shrouded in a negative blanket, mainly for the “Pay-To-Win” argument that’s been around since launch. This post however, will not be a house for said arguments, and instead we’ll be taking a look at the positives and benefits that Warzone brought to the table as a mode and how it ties into BTB and the future of Halo Big Team Modes.
Warzone is a mode comprising of 12v12 PvPvE large-scale combat. Three bases or strongholds and two main home-bases make up the map, and players must fight for control of these bases while fighting Covenant and Promethean forces at the same time. Big Team Battle on the over hand, is an 8v8 Arena mode that involves large player-count Slayer, CTF, Assault, and other game modes. Both of these modes are loved by many, and if you were to take the req system away from Warzone it would likely be the most played mode in Halo. Warzone has permanently changed Halo’s large team combat, and news of a new BTB 2.0 sounds to me like the direct lovechild of BTB and Warzone. Massive maps like nothing seen before, squads and squad spawning, revamped vehicle combat, Pelican vehicle and weapon drops, and more. It’s safe to say that if BTB 2.0 involves squads and squad-spawning, as well as room for Pelican drops, it’ll be even larger than Warzone and even more fun than BTB. I see alot of people repeatedly saying “ohh they’ll find a way to monetize it” Which, to be honest, is foolish since 343 already confirmed that any in-game purchases will be cosmetic only.

What I see ahead of us is a massive, Battlefield-style game mode that will permanently and positively change Halo forever, combining the massive battle gameplay of Warzone with the traditional sandbox gameplay of BTB, Thoughts?