Warzone: AI Gunners?

I was just watching some video of the new Warzone mode and when the player spawns a Warthog, I noticed that some of the Marine NPCs at his base refused to get in and help. He then spent a while driving around without a gunner because players nearby never bother to hop on for some reason. I personally think it would be neat if those Marines would have jumped on the back in order to help out. They would at least be a temporary substitute until a real human player can be found.

Wait, what? They confirmed friendly AI?

Yeah, I noticed that too. It would have been a nice addition and maybe they’ll include that in the final product, but if not oh well. Guess you should not spawn a hog unless you know you got someone lined up to be the gunner or driver.

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> Wait, what? They confirmed friendly AI?

In IGN’s Warzone videos you can see some friendly marines in the base