I dont understand the point of the warthog at all anymore. Its something that you would usually hop in and cause havok on the opposing team until they had some sort of power weapon to take it down. Now the gunner especially doesnt even stand a chance when firing at people. Its sad when the kill time for the BR can almost be compared to that of the time of the chaingun on a warthog. But also the fact that it is easy to kill someone off the turrent with the BR. You used to have to take it down with some difficulty but getting shot off the back is too easy because the gunner has next to no protection. And then I dont understand the point of the warthogs with extra amour because 90% of the time you die before the warthog does so whats the point? Warthogs used to be a force to be reckoned with but now its the worst combat vehicle imaginable.

Yeah a single railgun shot can kill both the driver and gunner in an ONI hog. And the railgun is such an easy gun to use its embarrassing.

I’ll keep driving the hog just for the sake of fun and diverse game play, I feel bad for those BR tryhards who just sit there and circle jerk at a base all game long, they’re stat padding but its a boring way to play. BR needs to be toned down

I dunno man just find a main driver or gunner to play with. My buddy and I are always annoying the hell out of the other team with a warthog. I think he has over 1.3k wheelmans. It’s all about communication and positioning. If you find yourself getting low switch to the passenge to throw that last head shot off and if your driver is smart he will shield you away from the shots.