Warthog V Ghost

When a warthog faces off with a ghost 1v1 it just does not seem correct that the ghost would deal more damage and resist more fanfare than the warthog. This is exactly what I saw happen today in a match of BTB. The warthog faced off with a ghost and neither the warthog nor the ghost received any outside assistance, and when the dust settled the ghost was the victor. They both were landing consistent shots on each other, and I would actually give the edge to the warthog as far as which one handed more hits on the other, yet the ghost survived. Does not seem right. Shouldn’t the warthog be the stronger of the two? And shouldn’t the warthog outgun the ghost in a head on evenly matched hit for hit encounter? Not the biggest issue; however, this just didn’t sit well with me when I saw this take place during the match.