Warthog turret not great + other feedback

Here’s some feedback from the flight today:

1.I’ve been a big fan of the vehicle play in Halo going back to H2 and I have never seen the warthog turret so awful. It feels really weak and hard to land shots with for how squishy the hog actually is and how much stuff counters it.

  1. Some of the weekly challenges feel -really- bad. I got the one where you have to get a perfect kill with a kinetic weapon and I felt like it was encouraging me to play in weird ways (not teamshooting, trying to get close with semi auto for easier shots, etc). Within a match or two of trying to perfect kill people who are using ARs it felt like I was just wasting my time and it made me really want to stop playing. I used the reset and got one for killing people trying to return the flag and it felt bad getting slayer and territories after that.

I think that challenges should in general be something you at least have a chance of progressing in most of your matches. (Of course, this will all be less frustrating at launch when there are more playlists available.)

  1. Players should be informed more clearly when their mic is transmitting sound. I played with several players who didn’t know their mic was open and that they were sharing their Spotify playlist with us.

  2. I had an issue where no one could hear me when I was trying to communicate on voice comms. Not sure if many other people had that problem

That’s it so far. Overall I really like where the game is at.

So after playing BTB there are turrets on the map that you can detach. They are SUPER useful. It’s worth the movement trade off. I think they need to use that reticle instead of the tiny one they currently have. It’s very classic and i couldn’t help but think that they should just use that one all around.

The perfect kill with kinetic could also be a perfect with a BR? No? Or commando, or sidekick. I got a couple of BR perfects today already. The flag one is a little bad tho I won’t lie.

I completely agree, also we should have the in game option of muting them { it’s missing :frowning: }. I never knew I missed a feature so much

i haven’t really given game chat a chance and always use parties instead bc Of #3