Warthog tread mark generation is extremely poor

Playing through the new Behemoth map just now, I was testing out the vehicles and noticed the interactions between the Warthog and the sand on the map were of extremely poor quality. Not the fidelity of the tread marks themselves, but their generation. The overall glaring issue is that the “trail” left behind a Warthog does not represent its actual movement history. For reference, I am on PC, at “Ultra” preset.

I should note that I did not test this with the Mongoose (if someone can confirm please do!), but would expect the same implementation.

The tread marks appear to be generated at visibly noticeable intervals, rather than be “fluid”. What this results in is several jarring visual issues:

  1. The tread marks themselves appear to be generated at predefined “lengths”, which means that if your Warthog moves a distance shorter than the predefined length of the generated tread mark in any given direction, the tread marks will already be misaligned to the actual movement history of the Warthog
  2. The “trail” of a Warthog driving across the sand is full of breaks and cuts, due to the tread marks appearing based on the “last known” position of the tire at the firing of the interval, exacerbated by subtle shifts in positions of the tires via player input
  3. The tread marks themselves visually “pop” into existence when actively looking at them, because their inception occurs at an interval, rather than “appear” (out of eyesight) under the tires’ current position
  4. Backing up or driving at a slow speed where you shift direction often and fast produce tread marks that look like multiple Warthog all landed on the same location at slightly different angles.

I’ve also noticed some sort of “overlay” that wipes the tread marks away depending on the position of my camera as the driver. The tread marks themselves don’t physically disappear, but as I move my camera around, the tread marks get “replaced” by a pristine version of the terrain, as if there is a distinct and intentional separation between my vehicle, the tread marks, and the map, and the current engine somehow attempts to layer them together, but with these visual glitches.

This current logic does not feel like a next-gen approach. We’ve seen effects like these fluidly get hashed out in existing, last gen games like Uncharted and Red Dead Redemption, and I hope this is on the radar to be addressed by launch.