Warthog sound effects

So, the Warthog’s engine was probably the most glaring area of the audio design. Honestly I think it was the only thing in the entire tech preview that didn’t hit the audio mark for me. Its so very clearly two different engine sounds playing over top one another and I find it distracting to listen to.

It also sounds like a stock non-Si honda civic. A 4 banger that outputs only 120hp and even less torque. Aint no way that would haul +10,000lbs. The vehicle itself probably already weighs around that or more without the turret mounted on it. Looking at how a B7 rated armored suburban weighs around 12,000lbs, seems likely a warthog would be around that weight. Spartans are very tall, weigh 1000lbs. That warthog engine just wont do the job