Warthog Rustler

I’m trying to get the Warthog Rustler Seasonal challenge completed. I played a match of BTB where my gunner seemed to get a lot of kills yet, when I checked my progress I was still at at 24/117 from last night. What am I missing here?

Kills from your gunner don’t count towards your progression, the only things that count are splatters and your own turret kills (and maybe if you somehow got a kill from the passenger seat). Just an FYI, kills from the Rocket Turret from CE do not count towards your progression, even though the game says they do, so when playing on CE be sure to use a normal Warthog. Gauss Hogs are just fine, there’s a map in Halo 2 I think called Containment (a snowy-themed level) where you can get a pretty good amount of Gauss kills should that map come p.