warthog on a boat? Boatfight!!

so I was reading the posting earlier this week and BSangel makes mention of boats alot, it even shows an image of a warthog on a boat… why? Can it not drive on its own? Could she be giving us hints on what the upcoming title update has in store for Firefight? It would be different then anything Bungie has done in Firefight thus far which they have promised to do something along those lines, plus it would satisfy my need to kill vehicles. The new Firefight map is supposed to go along with CEA and they are supposedly trying to add an extra level to the campaign… well, as far as I’ve come to understand it, maybe they are designing said Firefight map to go along with said campaign level. Boatfight!!!

She was talking about the real warthog that’s beeing shipped for halo fest.


Everybodies hoping for the flood, at this point I hope 343 DOES NOT do it because its so expected. I keep trying to use my imagination to make things interesting. A guy even suggested doing a firefight format similar to the spaceship part of the Reach campaign. Whatever happens, I definitely hope they do something with vehicles, but it seems I’m the only one :(.

OP you’re idea as at least the glory to be unique :slight_smile:

yea the real life warthog was made by “Weta”, which is based in New Zealand. Its already known that the hog will be at Halo Fest. amd last time I checked New Zealand is a somewhat large island, therefore it needs to be shipped to the United States.

IM ON A WARTHOG! riden on a dolphin doin flips and -Yoink-