Warthog issues

After playing for a few days and getting use to the game I have one complaint that I would like addresses or at least have talked about. I feel the regular warthog just does not perform adequate enough for it to be a viable option. I feel this way since it easy extremely easy to shoot the gunner off even while the warthog is in motion this is compounded by the fact the warthog’s gun isn’t accurate enough to suppress the enemy at range (this may go back to the not de-scoping thing but this isn’t the place for that discussion). Secondly since everyone can spawn with a plasma pistol the warthog’s one saving grace of speed in other games is pretty much negated in this game.
Now let it be known I in no way want the warthog from halo3/reach where circling around the enemies spawn was the name of the game. I just feel with the added threats such as the mantis and the more common plasma pistols the warthog needs a little boost to make it a more viable option in play. I want to make it clear that this shouldn’t extend to the gausshog since I feel that the lighter armor along with the more powerful weapon should come with inherent risks to it.

possible Solutions
reduce the hit box on the gunners head slighty (not sure if this is possible)
reduce the duration of the plasma pistols overcharge on the warthog
Make the warthog’s gun shoot slightly more accurate over range

One or any combonation of these solutions I don’t feel would upset the balance so much as to over power the warthog it would just make the warthog a more viable option in game play

Thanks for reading! and inb4 op cant use the warthog

Increase durability and more resistant shields to gunner.

I know most people havent gotten to Operator and Pathfinder specializations yet but having these two in a warthog destroy the other team. Plasma Pistols become less bothersom and the gunner can fire for a pretty long time. I would love to see the warthog get a buff still as I love the warthog…

i don’t believe making the warthog more durable is the solution but increasing the gunner’s shield slightly would probably be a good way of giving the warthog a slight buff without making it a completely changed vehicle I have limited experience people using the operator pathfinder combo but from what I have seen it does slightly mitigate these issues I still feel the warthog does need some small buffs though.