Warthog Bug driving and shooting simultaneously

Not sure if this has been discovered yet. But I came across a warthog that let me drive it and shoot from the turret at the same time. I recorded a clip that can be watched here.


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That happened to me once. Thought maybe I had a driver with active camo. I thought it was pretty fun actually. I’m a pretty decent driver so was able to drive and shoot. Too bad it wasn’t always like that.

Was it the warthog or the rocket hog like the other guy this past may.

When this happened for me my turret was shooting blanks! Then noticed I could honk the horn and started driving.

It was the Headless Warthog.

That is so cool! I wish these things would happen to me!!

I’ve had that happen to me before too. One time I couldn’t get kills with the gun, another I couldn’t drive but the honk still went off.