Warrior Militia recruiting (WM)

Hey there fellow Halo players I am Smellyfeet010 General of Warrior Militia if you are looking for a layed back but at the same time competitive clan to join you are at the right place!

Why join Warrior Militia?

-We are more recently founded, meaning you get more attention

-A competitive and social community focused on winning and having fun.

-We have weekly meetings and practices(every Sunday)

-Community game nights(for fun)also practices almost every day

-We are quickly growing and securing a spot where you will be noticed faster is a better idea


-Age 14+
-Must be able to attend at least most practices and meetings.
-Must be willing to listen to other suggestions and orders by higher ranks
-Must be willing to change emblem
-Must be dedicated (Most imporant)

We are also looking for

-Someone with a xbox camera and has a good idea of how to set up videos and put things together for our youtube channel(must join the clan first still however)

-Alliances from other clans

To learn more: http://Warriormilitiaclan.webs.com (this is a new website just barely posted 5 minutes ago so no members or forums posts yet sorry)

Thank you for your consideration and I hope I can play with you soon!

Sincerely, Smellyfeet010 (General of Warrior Militia) Please either respond below or message me on Xbox live for more information

I’m interested in joining GT icyfirebombs. Thanks!

I’m interested in joining. My GT is same as on here.

Ok I sent you both messages on Xbox Live hope to see you soon!

-Smellyfeet010 (General of Warrior Militia)