Warning Upstream With 60 meg dl and 5 meg ul???!!! Please Help?!!

I Have 60 Meg Upload and 5 Meg Download. My Upstream on my network status says WARNING In Red? I have the fastest Service From Charter Communications Cable a Brand New Sysco Doc 3.O Modem and a Linksys wrt310n Gigabite Router. I have Open Nat All My Ports are Opened but somehow I never Pull Host In Halo Reach or MW3. Is Charter Screwing me or what is going on Please Help Someone I have called charter out numerous times and they say everything is fine but in Reality It’s Not. I think there may be to many houses On My Node that id what one tech guy Told me.vHe said there are 600 houses on my Node? Can Someone that knows about Networking Please Help! Been dealing with forever and I need Someone who knows about Networking Bandwidth/Speed Please!!!

60/5mbps is the theoretical maximum your service can provide but if there are 100’s of people on your node it could significantly lower your real-world throughput.

If there a enough people on your node you might actually be better off on DSL because it is a point to point technology and you don’t share the bandwidth back to the exchange with other people.

Backhaul from the exchange can be congested but is far less likely than node congestion.