Warning/ getting banned for a weird reason?

First let me try to explain: My disk is scratched up, and I have connection problems with my game. So I’m either having problems with “missing content” when I want to play campaign, firefight, or even custom games. But I’m OK sometimes in Matchmaking. Then Visa Versa happens, and I have more problems.

OK; so this post is about when I do get to get on Matchmaking, and where the problem is. So as I said before I get into matchmaking fine. But when I’m on the voting area and I vote, the map doesn’t load and I get a failure. This causes the voting to go again unless the map loads. But it mostly doesn’t, and I’m switched to another group to try to get better connection (which I don’t). Now because of this I have to exit out or leave the group.

This is where the warning thing think that is is an in-game leave, and as a result it thinks I’ve been leaving games WHICH I DON’T. I’ve been thinking about getting a new disk, but can Halowaypoint understand/ do something about this problem?

it’s the disk, I had the same problem (some scratches and also inthe center a hairline crack) , once I stuck a newer disk in the problem was solved