WARNING! Game is leaked! (For real this time.)

Not going to post anything here, but the game is definitely leaked and there are videos of it. If you don’t want spoilers now is the time to bail out. Keep spoilers off the official forums, otherwise I have a sneaking suspicion that it will get you banned.

Just a heads up, friends.

Yeah, that didn’t wasn’t long. At least it was just one vid, and it was from 3 multiplayer maps.

What surprised me is that they managed to get the game off of Microsofts servers. YEP, they STOLE THE GAME.
The modders said that they aren’t releasing for the public, I hope the keep their word.

Until then, everyone bail out!.

Bungie confirmed the leak on a Tweet. Please read this - It’s out there

Not cool.

In an effort to keep these forums clear of any unreleased information and spoilers, links to leaked content will be removed with a warning going to the offending poster (continued posting of leaked content by individuals will result in the suspension of their posting privileges).

Please REPORT any posts containing links to leaked content.



I hope I don’t come across any massive spoiler (or link to it), but if I do, I’ll make sure you guys know about it.

This stinks :expressionless: Well time to stay clear of the Halo: Reach forums and watch out for Youtube vids.

Damn, this is getting worse >_<.

The .XCP (Xbox Compressed File) of Halo Reach is floating around now. That’s the file they got from the servers.
More people is going to have the game now.

ya and now there r a bunch of hard copies loose in puerto rico disc stol from a ms truck been on the news dont have the link but google it to reed the artical just watch out for spoilers

Going dark is not a bad idea, it’s only going to get worse up until Reach’s release.

ya but going dark sucks there is a lo to be anounced still that i dont want to have to miss out on or even have to wait for till after like new wallpapers and silly lil things like that so im all for approvied release things but i do agrie that the leeked stuff sucks, so i guess in all we just have to tred lightly and hope for the best but plan for the worst