Warm up maps

hi I’m looking for some warm up thingies. I’ve got the ctf warmup up map/type but I’m looking for octagon type slayer ones with quick respawns and such for 1v1’s 2v2’s and ffa. Anyone got any? Thanks.

Edit: ok I’ve got the file browser working lol
any tips on the best ones and how do I know which maps to play them on or do I have to remember the author and find corresponding maps for game types?

My map Arbalest is good for 2-8 players and it strongholds, team slayer and CTF

Rat’s Nest Warm-Up (search it up on the File Browser)

It is a good 2v2 or FFA slayer map.

  • Promotes Map Control - Improves Magnum Skill - Helps Teach Grenade Ricochet TacticsI like playing on it with some company mates before stepping into Arena!

Really want to see a working Octagon play type.