Warlord Solved, no thanks to 343

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To everyone on here, since 343 is -Yoinking!- worthless to fix this -Yoink-, on TrueAchievements there is a solution for this, the guy who wrote it said he’d help people (even in his solution he says it), his solution really works and he himself helped me with it on top of that.

Here’s a link to the guy’s solution directly so you don’t get confused on the other solutions:
Comments on the guide for Warlord in Halo 5: Guardians by FaceTheCarnage

For those who are too lazy to follow a bloody link…


  1. Halo 5 game hub (Not your service record), check your matchmaking victories and NOTE them down. Mine was 3. Now your service record, check to see that you have won at least once on all three maps (storm, arc, spec 7) for both firefight and regular warzone.
  2. Clear blu ray storage 5x
  3. Delete profile from console. Do not recover it right away, you will do that in a later step.
  4. Clear blu ray again 5x
  5. Hard reset Xbox (hold down console power button for 10 seconds til it turns off) but don’t turn back on.
  6. Unplug power cord/ all usb attachments. Make sure the power brick light is completely off. I even took batteries out of controller but that is optional I guess.
  7. Leave for ten minutes. He told me to have a snack, I did. Recommended.
  8. Hook it all up, power on via controller.
  9. Now the important stuff, start up halo 5. Remember your profile? Yea it will ask you which profile. Click add or whatever and recover your profile and sign in while in the halo 5 game.
  10. Wait 5 minutes, for it to fully sync up otherwise you may get disconnected and booted back to main menu after finding a game.
  11. Now start heroic fire fight. Win! Yep, try to win the first or second one. Doesn’t matter the map.
  12. After win, check halo 5 game hub and make sure the victories I pointed out earlier increased. If not, play a different day or retry these steps again.
  13. If it went up, you’re good to go! Jump into regular warzone and do not leave queue. Play every match and do not quit. Me, I would run around in the back of the map and watch YouTube til I found one of the three maps since I didn’t know which ones I needed.
  14. Once you find one of the maps, win/lose keep track on paper. Check halo 5 game hub after match is done and you are in the next map so stats upload. If you win and victories doesn’t change. Restart back to step 2. If they do change but no achievement then continue onward til you have played/ won on each map.
  15. Achievement popped

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