Warlord Achievement Issue

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I’m having an issue with the Warlord Achievement. Even though I have won a match on all 3 original warzone maps, which I can confirm through my Service Record, I have not gotten the achievement. It’s much harder these days to get a match on those maps and win them, so I have a hard time finding which one it isn’t counting. Anyways, does anyone have a fix for this? Would contacting 343i or Microsoft help anything?

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Hi! I have the same problem! What is more frustating is that i have won 2 matches in each map and I have 0% progress in the Warlord Achievement. I dont know what to do or with who i have to contact. Reply me if you have find any solution, it will be really helpfull. Thanks and excuse my bad english XD


same problem here - despite winning more than 2 matches on every map needed for the cheevo (confirmed in my service record) I’m still at 0%. My friends (3 of the to be exact) are in the same situation (no progress in the achievement tracker). I know that other people unlocked this achievement without a problem (from True Achievements).

I’ll try to contact the tech support. If I get a reply I’ll let you know.

Thanks Cedfer! I dint saw this message and I answered you at an other post! Thanks for the help! i will be waiting your news :wink:

UPDATE (17/09/2016): The achievement popped for me. I simply played on every map needed for the cheevo (1 game won, 2 games lost). Check if this works for you as well.

I also have an issue with my WARLORD achievement, I have won on all 3 original maps (MARCH ON STORMBREAK, ESCAPE FROM A.R.C AND RAID ON APEX 7) and on BASIC WARZONE not WARZONE ASSAULT OR WARZONE FIREFIGHT but it still hasn’t given me the achievement all though I have done all the requirements for it…

What should I do now???

I dont know man! Still having the same problem. Im trying to report 343, but i dont know where to do it…

I have at least 5 wins (see service record) on each of the three original maps and I still don’t have the achievement. It’s my last achievement to 100% and have already put in at least 10 hours into it. Does anyone have any idea of what to do about it?

same here im stuck at 33% and yesterday i have won on all 3 maps needed for it but still not unlocking i tried restarting the game i tried reinstalling the game and i tried refreshing my Xbox 1 still no luck anyone figure how to unlock it tell me

Same here. Hate this glitchy achievement, it wasted me a lot of time. So many people got this problem, I wonder why no official response. Is this not a support forum?

I know it’s been while, any luck?

343 has no support line/help. MS will just tell you to come to this forum. I got the achievement when the game first was released, so I had no problems. With all the updates and add-on’s the chievos has gotten buggy. I would just keep playing WZ and wait for it to happen.
If your having on other problems reloading the game won’t do anything, don’t waste your time. The only thing that might help is hard booting (unplug xbox for 5 secs and plug it back in.) If that doesn’t do it l would just keep playing until it popp’s.

I’m stuck at 66% on the achievement tracker even though I have at least one win on all 3 maps for warzone and warzone firefight. 343 needs to fix this so people can complete the game.

I just got this achievement by following this guide …

Just follow the instructions of deleting your profile then re-downloading it and after you get a win in warzone firefight, check the Halo 5 gamehub to see if your win counted. If not, then delete and re-download like the guide says again. If it does count, then play (win or lose) on the maps you need for your progress to go up without backing out of the warzone firefight queue. Just make sure you already have at least 1 win on each of the three launch maps in warzone and even warzone firefight to be safe and this should work.

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