Warlord Achievement Broken

Pretty sick of waiting for this to unlock. I’ve won on all the maps and I just want to remove this game from my hard drive. Seriously. Fix this achievement. The entire point behind the online structure to achievements was to have them in a position TO be fixed if something went wrong without costing the dev money. I’ve been waiting since early December. Fix this crap, it’s a huge chunk of my HDD.

Mine done the same won on all three maps not got it and I won all three again not unlocked the achievement

This is the third thread this week in which people report massive problems with the Warlord achievement. Dear 343 - maybe it’s time to look into it?

UPDATE (17/09/2016): The achievement popped for me. I simply played on every map needed for the cheevo (1 game won, 2 games lost). Check if this works for you as well.