Warden Waves are boring.

I don’t mind most of Firefight with the exception of Warden fights. He is already such a boring bullet sponge of an enemy. Somehow 343 thought that boosting his health was going to make him fun to fight. Seriously, all the Warden fights are is just the team firing at a moving target until it dies. He isn’t even scary to fight, all he can do is EMP vehicles and fire slow moving balls of boring game design. The fact that their bright idea was to make wave 5 have 3 wardens is just mind numbing. I am not going to talk about balance as wave 5 is clearly doable. I am just talking about how boring of a boss the Warden Eternal is and how he is easily the worst wave in warzone. The wave 5’s with wardens need to be reworked into something more fun that people can actually want to play.