We currently have (86) members and only need (10) more kill commendations to receive the Achilles Armor.
We are looking for (14) additional active players.


Ayy gramps,

I’m interested in joining your spartan company, in pursuit of the Achilles armor. I just left the old one I established with friends a year ago; they just don’t play anymore and we never had enough members, much less commendations.

I definitely play around 2 hours a day.
I’m a lvl 146.
I’m above average at halo, but I’ll let my performance speak for itself.
I’m pretty chill all around, though I do get intense in matches that grow difficult; I can be very competitive.

The names Brandon, but most on Xbox call me papa or cuban.

i look forward to hearing back and grinding some halo with you and the rest✌🏽

Papa - I waited as long as I could but we now have our (100) members but give me till this weekend because I check everybody activity and if I have one
player that was inactive this week I will bring you in. I will get you in some how. For now join our club. I will send you an invite.