Warden Slayer and Forerunner Destroyer pack bug

So I completed the Warden Slayer commendation and in turn the Forerunner Destroyer commendation during a Warzone Firefight match a week or so ago, and due to one of those “retrieving data” issues nothing showed up at the end of the game. I’ve beaten multiple wardens since then and still the packs haven’t shown up, even though both the commendations show as completed in the spartan hub. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

I’m stuck on the Warden Slayer with 3 kills left to get the commendation and thus the Forerunner Destroyer commendation. It’s been like that for a couple of weeks now, even though I know that I’ve killed way more than 3 Wardens. Come on guys, can you fix this please?!

Should be made aware that I too, have 5 Warden kills left to get, and even though I’ve killed a good 7 or 8 since then, it hasn’t moved an inch. This thread is old, but still not corrected.

Same it still hasn’t been fixed I’m stuck with one to go and I’ve killed about 10 since then like I just completed a warzone firefight game and killed 3 on the final round and still didn’t get the challenge complete and its bugging me its one of the last two I need in the slayer commendations please fix this

That would suck so bad, Im at 2 left and I would be kinda pissed not being able to complete that. Im already annoyed I can’t 100% some stuff because I have to spend 9.99 on stupid halo champion fire team skins. 343 you ruined it.

Warden Slayer: I’m stuck at level 5 (Today I destroyed two)…

I finally got it. You actually have to have the killing shot to earn the warden slayer medal. Use a high damage, fast firing weapon like “The Answer” to increase your chance of getting the last shot.

So wait even if you get the “kill” you have to be the one who gets the last shot in it?

Please don’t revive old topics, thanks, especially ones that are over 2 years old