Warden medal changes

I have seen a few posts talking about which is better for Warden, last shot or most damage to get the kill.
Personally I like the last shot for the kill idea, it gives the losing team a chance, they wont have a tank on the field, but they might have a saw within range to try and Yoink! the kill.
But I was thinking of a compromise, Warden is a power house, but sometimes falls to quickly, I was thinking to give him a little more health, and on death award 2 medals, one to the last shot, and one to the “most damage this life”. Victory Points would still be awarded to the team who got the last shot.

Last shot would remain unchanged, but a second medal would also be awarded to the player who is alive, at the time of wardens death, and caused the most damage out of all the other living players. Someone may be responsible for doing 60% of the damage to him, but if they die before warden is killed it doesn’t count for anything. If the person who got the last shot also had most damage, it would be awarded to second most damage.

This would at mean that players who are dealing high damage but at a low impact rate would still receive something for the trouble and the medal would count towards Warden/Boss kill commendations, but would not impact the way warzone plays out.