Warden kills don't count!

For some reason after introduction of Warzone Firefight Warden kills don’t count for me or my friends.
Do you have the same problem?
(When playing Warzone and killing Warden I get Boss takedown emblem but in commendations nothing is being registered.)

They changed it. Before you had to do 10% damage to get a medal, didn’t mean you killed him. However now you only need to do 1% damage to recieve a medal, still doesn’t mean that you killed him. All you can do is hope that it counted in the commendation.

They increased the number of participation medals in the last update. So the medal only means you participated in the kill. In order for it to count as a comm you need to be alive and doing plenty of damage when he expires. I used the smg to get most of mine.Smg’d Warden

No guys, you need the final shot on a warden to get the commendation to go up.

Thank you Spartans.
I’ll use SMG from now on. Maby I will pair it with Saw. Once again Thanks.

The easiest way to get the kill is with a tank